Jack Livingood Wins CEO of the Year

March, 2010


Jack Livingood - CEO of the YearMarch 2010 - Utah Business Magazine - 

Jack Livingood says one of his strategies for business was inspired by a Nelson Mandela quote: “There is no passion to be found playing small—in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” Livingood translates the quote to mean “think big.” And since joining Big-D in 1978, thinking big has led to the construction company’s success.


“During my career, Big-D has grown from $3 million in revenue to more than $600 million in revenue, and we have completed more than 100 million square feet of construction,” he says.  “Today we have more than 400 employees working out of six offices and throughout the Western United States.”

Livingood’s long-term professional vision is “to create a company that is grounded in values where there is no difference between what is said and done, to create an environment where good people can build outstanding careers, and to ultimately be the most sought after company in the business.”

Cory Moore, Big-D Construction vice president, says one of Livingood’s greatest skills is encouraging his employees’ entrepreneurial spirit, and surrounding himself with great and influential people.  For Livingood, success is a matter of keeping promises to customers, employees and community.  “The measurement is successful long-term relationships,” he says.

Livingood, who was elected Big-D president at age 28 and CEO at age 35, says he values the lessons he learned from role models in the business world: Steve Covey for teaching personal responsibility; Jack Welch for teaching candid communication; Kent Murdock for teaching consistent company culture; and his father, Dee Livingood, for teaching him values that have defined his business career and led to his success.

Moore says Livingood is also respected for his passion when it comes to construction and business. “Jack likes to be ahead of the curve when it comes to any new innovations in the construction industry and the markets.  I think this is very clear with how Big-D Construction maneuvered to become one of the first in the green building community to be nationally certified,” he says, adding that Livingood’s innovative leadership has placed the company on the road to long-term success.