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The minute you set foot in Big-D’s new corporate headquarters, you’ll realize that the glass truly is greener on the other side. But the stairway isn’t the only thing that is green in this office. With more natural light and better air quality, this building incorporates a wealth of “green” features designed to conserve natural resources, enhance and protect natural habitats, decrease greenhouse emissions, improve employee health, comfort and productivity and contribute to community vitality and aesthetics.

By reducing, reusing and recycling wherever possible, Big-D Construction produced a LEED Gold certified “green” building that is recognized as much for its historical appeal as it is for the community it enriches.

The historic preservation was executed in full compliance with National Preservation standards, including restoring the exterior to its original ochre color, refurbishing/replacing the windows and implementing structural renovations where necessary.

Inside, electrical, mechanical, heating and air conditioning systems were razed and replaced. A massive glass atrium was constructed through the center of the building, providing natural light to all floors and work spaces within the office. A sophisticated technology infrastructure was also installed throughout.

In 1897, Salt Lake City’s Brooks Arcade was a leading example of modern commerce with up-to-the-minute European-style shops and restaurants.
A century later, the vacant building—one of only three remaining Richardsonian-Romanesque style structures in Utah—had fallen into serious disrepair.

In 2002, applying our recognized design-build process, Big-D restored the complex to its former dignity and state-of-the-art function as the new world headquarters for AlphaGraphics. To meet AlphaGraphics’ demanding technological needs, the most recent “Smart Technology” was blended with the building’s unique original design. Retaining only the exterior skin of the old building on two remaining walls, a new glass and steel building was constructed behind the original three-story stone façade.

The building’s 125,523 square feet includes underground parking facilities, first-floor retail and restaurant space. Commercial office space comprises about 52,000 square feet of the second and third floors. Nine high-end condominiums with rooftop garden plaza and spa occupy the fourth and fifth floors.

Completion of the AlphaGraphics Building fulfilled the community’s realization of a vision for Block 57, a ten-acre area in downtown Salt Lake City.